About Pat Meehan

In his heart, Pat Meehan is a prosecutor.

family_shotIt started during his service as District Attorney of Delaware County. Almost immediately, he was thrust into the spotlight, handed one of the highest-profile murder cases in the country with the trial of millionaire John DuPont. But Pat didn’t just prosecute big cases. He worked hand-in-hand with victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and drug abuse.

Pat’s tenure as Delco’s D.A. earned him appointment as the U.S. Attorney for eastern Pennsylvania. Sworn in just days after 9/11, he quickly adapted his team to combat the threat of international terror. Pat was the chief federal prosecutor for a region of five million people and he put behind bars some of the most notorious names in Philadelphia’s corrupt political culture. Meehan brought people together to pioneer innovative ways to prevent crimes before they occur and protect the victims that suffer the most.

Pat Meehan brought this experience with him to Congress, where he’s earned the praise of the Philadelphia Inquirer for his “ability to work across party lines on projects that mean jobs”. Meehan was first on the scene when jobs at our region’s refineries were on the line, partnering with labor and management to revitalize our refining sector. He’s worked with Republicans and Democrats on projects that mean more jobs for middle class families like the deepening of the Delaware River shipping channel and the expansion of Philadelphia International Airport. And he’s been an advocate for smart, effective infrastructure funding that will make our commutes shorter and safer.

Meehan brought to Congress his work with victims, teaming up with advocacy groups and experts to combat sexual assault on campus and domestic violence. Pat broke ranks with his own party to fight for more protections for victims in the Violence Against Women Act. He led the charge for the first federal funding of veterans’ courts that help vets get the treatment they need. And he’s given voice to victims of sexual assault in the military.

Pat brought to Congress a prosecutor’s eye for rooting out the truth, leading efforts to uncover negligence at the Department of Veterans Affairs. He’s worked to cut waste and fat from the federal budget – during his tenure, the federal deficit feel further, faster, than any time in American history. And he’s holding the Obama Administration accountable for its failure to protect America and its citizens.

Meehan took on America’s newest and most dynamic security threat by leading the Homeland Security Committee’s cybersecurity subcommittee in the 113th Congress. He quarterbacked a bipartisan effort to enact the first significant cyber legislation into law in more than a decade and he continues to be one of Congress’ most respected voices on cybersecurity issues.

Today, in the 114th Congress, Meehan serves on the influential House Ways and Means Committee, as well as on the Ethics Committee. He continues to fight to expand jobs and opportunity for middle-class families and hold Washington accountable to the taxpayers that pay for it. He lives in Delaware County with his wife and three college-aged sons.



“Social Security and Medicare are promises we made and promises we should keep. I will continue to fight to stengthen and protect both.” — Pat Meehan