Fiscal Responsibility and Taxes


Pat Meehan will be a voice for fiscal responsibility in Washington, DC and will fight any effort to increase taxes on the middle class. 

While he is steadfastly opposed to any form of income tax increase on the middle-class, Pat Meehan is equally concerned by the potential for Congress to impose new stealth or hidden taxes that will be passed on to working families.  

In particular, he will fight proposals currently being discussed in Washington to create a new Value Added Tax, essentially a national sales tax, on goods and products.  While the tax will be imposed on manufacturers and businesses, it will ultimately be consumers who pay the tax in the form of higher prices for products and services they purchase every day.  

In the current economy, many families are being forced to do more with less.  They are cutting their household budgets and making tough financial decisions.  Now is not the time for Congress or the White House to be talking about potential tax increases – direct or hidden -- on the middle-class. 

Congress and the Administration must do more to eliminate waste and abuse in the federal government.  As U.S. Attorney, Pat Meehan personally fought and prosecuted cases involving waste and abuse by public officials.  He will carry that fight to Congress, working to hold bureaucrats accountable for their actions and to eliminate wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars.  Pat Meehan will be a fiscal watchdog in Congress and will fight to crack down on waste and abuse through reform and increased accountability.

Pat has penned an op-ed on the importance of balancing the budget and lowering taxes. Read it here.