The Issues

These are tough times for Pennsylvania families and businesses. As I travel around our state I hear the concerns average Pennsylvanians have about Washington's continuing runaway spending and mounting job losses here in our state. While families and businesses tighten their belts, the federal government continues to drive our nation deeper into debt.

Pennsylvanians are concerned that the proposals being pushed in Washington on health care, taxes, and other issues make it harder for the economy to grow, harder to create jobs, and harder to get us out of this recession. Pennsylvania needs representatives who will focus on creating new jobs and leading us through the harsh economic climate.  That’s why I am committed to bringing the values of Pennsylvania to Washington to turn things around.

I want to run a campaign focused on ideas. Please take some time to read my positions on the issues and see how you can get involved with my campaign to change Washington and get our country back on track.


On The Issues

As the nation works to recover from the recession, our top economic priority must be to produce new, good paying and sustainable jobs in our region.  That means developing an economic environment that allows small businesses to grow and flourish, creating new job opportunities for local residents. (Read more)

Congressman Meehan is a voice for fiscal responsibility in Washington, DC and will fight any effort to increase taxes on the middle class. (Read more)

Congressman Meehan believes the current health care debate in Washington must focus on two key issues: controlling health care costs and increasing accessibility to health care. (Read more) 

Congressman Meehan believes that in order to ensure the future prosperity and continued economic development of the United States we must make it a priority to reinvest in our transportation system. (Read more)

Congressman Meehan knows that Social Security and Medicare are an important part of an individual’s retirement and they are promises that the federal government needs to keep.

Congressman Meehan believes that America must have access to affordable sources of energy if we expect to be economically viable, maintain our standard of living and become less reliant on foreign sources of energy.